Talita Taniya, otherwise known as Talita, is the currnet Telekinesis Elemental Earth Planet Guardian, and one of the Major Planet Guardians, which all consist of Telekinesis Elemental Planet Guardians)

Guardian Talita
Age (at first appearance)
April 8
Earth, Teshlya (as a Goddess)
Future Girl Junior High, The Elementals, Major Planet Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Telekinetic Mage (Abilities)
Telekinetic and Air-based Magic and Spells
Mind Manipulation Control of Objects
Mind Manipulation/Control of Opponents (Guard-Goddess State)
Air and Wind Manipulation/Control
Time Control
Flight (without wings)
Instance Teleportation (without extra wings)
Look/Travel in the Past (without Clueix wings)
First Appearance

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