Guardian Rythym
Musical Muse (source of power)
Shibuki Aoi (current Goddess)
Age (at first appearance)
May 4
Earth, Sonna (with her Goddess)
Powers and Abilities
Musical Muse (Abilities)
Music and Sound-based Magic and Spells
Sound Manipulation/Control
Sound Absorption
Earthquake Power (with help with her sonic-based spells)Sound and Earthquake Generation
Sound and Earthquake Redirection
Expert DJ
First Appearance

Rhythm Jhanetta Rune is know to her friends and everyone at Future Girl Junior High as Rhythm, but at her home town she is known as Rune, and her old primary school she was known as Jane.


  • When planning her name, Najmah made two changes. First she was going to name her Rima Jane/Rhyma Jane, but then she changed it into Rhythm Jane Jannette, but finally named her Rhythm Jhanetta Rune.

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